Mahayoga, Siddhayoga, Guruyoga

The path which completely changed my life is a Kundalini path called Mahayoga. The difference between this path and the well-known Kundalini Yoga is that Mahayoga is a spontaneous one.

The initiation into Mahayoga is called shaktipat. It is the energy transmission between the guru and the disciple. When the disciple is ready the master will appear. This master can be a physical person or a master from a different dimension.

What is important is that by meeting the master the disciple receives (if ready and open) an energy transmission. The transmission happens subtly through a simple touch, look, voice or even by reading a book written by the master. With this energy transmission the disciple gets a glimpse into the truth. All the knowledge of the universe gets revealed, the mantras, the asanas, pranayamas,
and all this without any previous intellectual learning.

Who is eligible for shaktipat is not determined by the position acquired in this life. It is simply determined by the soul’s readiness. It is also possible that someone who has been doing spiritual practices for 40 years feels nothing in the presence of the master, yet someone who has never heard about spirituality meets the master “by accident” and with one look gets a glimpse into the divine reality. This has to do with the openness and readiness of the soul to take up the Mahayoga path.

With the spiritual initiation of shaktipat a process begins with the awakened Kundalini energy. This energy starts to reshape the disciple’s life, many times with the guidance of the “outer” master. The more the disciple is able to surrender and devote himself to the process, the easier and more pleasant the experience becomes.

Even if someone never sees the master again this energy will continue to guide and teach the person from within. The guidance will continue through
“accidental” meetings, books, or even through pain….But as the disciple surrenders, the process will become more gentle and loving.
I have made many “mistakes” along the path. It’s a narrow path, and it’s really easy to get tempted. For me it was very important that there is someone on this planet called Sri Vasudeva, my master and guru, to whom I am strongly connected. Even simple thinking of him helps me in finding back my spiritual path.

The Guru linage which I am connected can be also known from a nowadays famous film: Eat pray Love….Julia Roberts is singing the beautiful stotram Guru Gita in Guru Muktananda’s Ashram.
Muktananda was the Master of Sri Vasudeva, who is my master. Muktananda’s Guru is called Guru Nityananda. Guruji (Sri Vasudeva) has built a beautiful Ashram in Trinidad Tobago, where I also had the privilege to spend some time. He is leading an eco-project, and many miracles are surrounding him, a piece of heaven on earth.

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