Welcome Dear Soul!

My name is Mahesh. This name was born when the miracle of music touched me. 
Ten years ago at the age of thirty I met my spiritual master. Something awakened in me through his presence. Something deeper that I had never experienced. Before that
meeting I did not feel a connection with music, but through that presence something in me changed. 
This force that was awakened started to reshape my life and what I knew to be me. It moved me from the depth of my soul to express my voice and my music through kirtans
and Sanskrit mantras. These ancient songs are potent in waking up the spirit that pervades everything and everyone. 

If we allow it, this spirit within will reshape our lives. It will guide us to live the life we are meant to live. Only by doing this will we ever be fully content and happy. This is what was awakened in me and continues to transform me. This website and all the music I share here is the fruit of the miracle of music that I feel deep inside. 

It is the purpose of this never ending transformational spiritual journey where we grow in unconditional Love. 
Music is my prayer, sacredness and connection to that which is ungraspable, yet can be felt in everyone and everything.
The title of my first album is in honor of my spiritual master. I bow to that endless spiritual
force, Vasudeva, the light which illuminates each and every heart.
These songs are my creations that came through me. My musical journey has led me from
singing and guitar, to the beautiful calming instrument – the hand-pan or hang-drum, and
into the world of sound therapy exploring singing bowls, gongs, and all instruments which
can touch the spirit. 

I am happy you are here and I hope you will find at least as much joy in these songs as I

Be blessed as you are
Much Love